:: Taking Photos of Children with Fuji X-Pro1 ::

Posted on June 14, 2012


A friend of mine who is thinking of buying Fuji X-Pro1 asked me if it can handle children. The first thing that comes into my mind is that people are reading too much into the AF issue of X-Pro1. I know I said it myself that AF is not as fast as compared to DSLR but come on, yes, it can handle children. As a matter of fact it handles very well. On a good day, you can even shoot sports with it, why not? Fuji X-Pro1 is not DSLR but its no dud. This is a very good camera.

Children are the best subjects for any photography. When taking photos, children never bothers if they look good, if they are photogenic enough. They will just be themselves and for that, they almost always look good on photos. On my trip to Brisbane, Australia, one of the reasons why I enjoyed my street photography so much was because I managed to take a lot of pictures on children. In part, I also wanted to shoot children photography using X-Pro1 to show just how well it “handles” kids.

Over the weekend, I got myself a train ticket (an hour and a half journey) and travelled down to Gold Coast. It has a beautiful, beautiful beach. Its winter so I had no intention to swim, I was there for one reason, to take photos.

By the time I reached Gold Coast, it was already 11.30am. I had only a couple of hours to walk around and take as many photos as I could and return to Brisbane Central before it gets dark.  The weather over the weekend wasn’t too good. It was drizzling on both Saturday and Sunday. Still, even with that short time and foul weather, I managed to get quite a few very pleasing shots. Little children are always very active, unless they are eating, you could almost be sure they would be running about, especially in a place (beach) as beautiful as Gold Coast. I had used manual lens (M-mount on Kipon Adapter) on X-Pro1 before, but on that occasion I was simply glad I had the XF 35mm f1.4 instead. Manual lens would have been a nightmare for me (personally am still not very efficient with manual lens).

One other things I like about Fuji X-Pro1 is its detail resolution. Even though it has only 16MP compared to the 20 plus plus MP of current DSLR standard, when I do crop any picture,  it still looks great.

As show in the above picture, it was cropped to about 1/3 the original pic.

Children do run alot but there are also moments where they do keep still. Its those very moment where your camera needs to be ready and snap. And yes, Fuji X-Pro1 is undoubtedly  more than capable of shooting children, whether they are running about or keeping still.

On a good day, you can even shoot sports. Why not?





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