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Posted on June 17, 2012


Many years ago I was in Brisbane once. Not a very good impression mainly cos I stayed only 2 days there. The impression was its a boring place. How wrong. After my recent trip to Brisbane, I have completely changed my thoughts about the place. Its buzzing with activities, that if you’re someone like me, who loves street photography, there are just lots of pictures waiting to be taken.

I had written 3 blogs on my trip to Brisbane. This one will sum up the photos I took.  For one, I was really glad to have Fuji X-Pro1, can’t say enough about the camera. All the photos were taken with X-Pro1, with a little post-processing, the pictures are comparable to a full-frame DSLR camera. The retro-look and the fact that its so light even with its 35mm lens attached, tipped the scale to X-Pro1 as a better travelling camera to any DSLR.

The photo above was one of the first few I took when I arrived in Brisbane. Initially I was elated to have taken this photo, of the ibis with the old man. Was also surpised that the old man was not bothered by the ibis, actually perhaps more surprised that the ibis had no fear of the presence of man, only to realise (a day later) that ibis are everywhere in Brisbane.

People really enjoy their lives there. I guess I would too. It has 4 seasons yet in its winter its not even that cold. I mean you can still chill in a bar, its like 21 degree celsius in the day. Someone asked me, would you consider staying in Australia (Brisbane), my reply, why not. I only wish Singapore has such weather.

With a little luck, you might even spot some celebrities. Saw the band, Pear and the awkward orchestra playing live. Technically, they are not celebs yet, but this band is really talented. Love the songs they played, so I bought the album and for memory sake, asked the lead singer (Steph Barros Lees) for a portrait with her album.  I particularly like the song “stand us guard”. If you have not heard of them, go google or youtube search Pear and the awkward orchestra. She is talented. Am listening to her songs as I am typing the blog, seriously, almost all the songs in her album “Smocks” are good. Or you can buy it off itunes. Highly recommended. Photo below shows the band performing live.

By the way, for the soccer fans, I also caught Tim Cahill, Eveton midfielder in Brisbane, in an adidas shop. Tim Cahill is probably the most talented Australian footballer along with Harry Kewell. I made the most fundamental mistake of photography, trusting your camera into the hands of someone else. Was so star-struck, that I asked a shop assistant to take a photo of me and Tim Cahill together. Big mistake. I should have just ask for a portrait of him (alone) instead. At least the shop assistant had a good sense of framing David Beckham into the pic.

Overall, I just felt really lucky to be “involved” in the moments of the photos I’ve taken. Some really candid, like the one above. Not all of them were friends, in fact, I was in the same bus as 3 other girls (assumed they’re japanese) but when they reached the beach, somehow mixed well with 2 other girls (chinese). No, I wasn’t stalking them, the beach was just the first destination (of cos) we went to when we reached Gold Coast.

All the animals there amazed me too. They have absolute no fear for man. Look at the pic above, I mean I was really close to the seagulls (silver gulls), yet they remained where they were.  The pic was just one example, I took another “close up” pic of an ibis too.

I enjoyed my short stay (one week) in Brisbane, enjoyed the photography even more. Yes, if there’s another opportunity, I wouldn’t mind at all to stay in Brisbane for a longer period. Not at all.



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